Wall Insulation – Cavity

Wall Insulation done through the cavity of the wall in Ireland has to be approved by the NSAI.

Supernova Silver is an NSAI approved cavity wall insulation systems. With Certificate number 09/0337, Supernova Silver is owned, manufactured, marketed and distributed by Insulation Systems Limited for use in Ireland.

With a growing network of installers nationwide, we pride ourselves on the quality of training and the standard of the installations carried out and offer a service second to none inside the industry.


The advantages of Supernova Silver

High Performance

  • Achieve U values of 0.27 or better with a 100mm cavity.
  • Meet and exceed Building Regulations without changing construction methods.
  • No cold spots above doors and windows where DPC prevent boards being fitted.
  • No reduction in performance from moisture retention as in many existing systems.

Low Cost

  • No need to fill gable ends.
  • No wastage.
  • No storage costs or loss through theft.

Hassle Free

  • Bricklayers are left to do their primary job. No dispute from fitting boards.
  • Faster building programme.
  • No worries about water penetration from poorly fitted boards.
  • No liability for any failure of insulation – fully guaranteed.


Better Thermal Conductivity

  • Supernova Silver offers improved insulation performance over conventional insulation.
  • In-built infrared reflectors virtually eliminate the effect of heat radiation.
  • With a λ value of just 0.033Wm2K, a 0.27 U value is readily achievable when building 85 – 100mm cavities.
  • Supernova Silver ensures 100% cavity fill with no wastage. The most cost – effective solution.


Supernova Silver‘s performance allows for the option of minimal wall thicknesses utilising materials that are traditional including dense block.

Figures shown are for outer skin of facing brick with dense block as inner skin.



The benefits of Supernova Silver:

Easy on the Environment

Between one third and one half of the heat loss from a house is through the walls. Supernova Silver can reduce this by 70% – reducing bills and CO2 emissions. It exceeds Building Regulations requirements (designed to reduce energy consumption) when injected into a 100mm cavity.

Easy on Site

Supernova Silver is delivered on the day it is to be injected, so there is no site storage required. Bricklayers don’t need to worry about fitting boards which generally adds 6 – 12% to the time taken. They also have a clear cavity ensuring clean wall ties. Overall Supernova Silver reduces build and labour costs.

Easy on the Bottom Line

Supernova Silver is the most cost-effective way of insulating walls. There’s no wastage, storage or time consuming boards. Insulating peak is optional so a saving of 10-15% is possible if there is no living accommodation behind the peak. Ring us for a quote – you may be surprised. Quotes are also available off plan.

Easy all Round

Supernova Silver is installed through a small number of holes (typically half that of blown fibre) prior to internal plasterwork. We make good all the holes whicha re completely invisible after plastering. Additionally the unfilled cavity means the walls have longer to dry out before the insulation is injected.


Better Performance

Improved performance means that all the common construction methods can continue to be used without alteration. With heating costs rocketing, studies have shown that energy saving of more than 50% can easily be achieved through thermal insulation.

Building regulations demand thermal insulation performance which will require a choice between alternative construction mentods of superios insulating materials. Supernova Silver delivers greatly improved results while minimising costs.

Supernova Silver is the right solution for current and future energy efficiency requirements.


Your Questions Answered

Q. You are completely filling the cavity – how do you prevent water crossing the cavity?

A. The cavity is completely filled with small spherical beads. There are small air / filtration gaps between each bead. As soon as water enters the cavity it dissipates through these gaps, preventing water from crossing the cavity.

Q. How can I be sure that water will not soak through the insulation?

A. If you’ve ever drunk tea or coffee out of a polystyrene cup you will note that it does not absorb water. There has never been a claim made for dampness caused by polystyrene beads and Supernova Silver is covered by a comprehensive guarantee.

Q. How can I be sure the wall is completely insulated?

A. When Supernova Silver is injected it flows like a liquid – it will fill any voids and provide a consistent density.

Q. What do I have to do to comply with Building Regulations?

A. It couldn’t be easier. Supernova Silver injected into a 100mm traditionally build cavity will more than comply with required U values for current Building Regulations.

Q. How do costs compare with traditional board insulation?

A. Once you take into account labor and wastage, Supernova Silver compares very favourably against board. The additional cost of increased thickness of boards to comply with building requirements means that Supernova Silver becomes significantly more attractive.


Simple Application

Below is a typical drilling plan for a detached property.

22mm holes are drilled in the internal skin prior to plastering / plasterboarding. All holes are made good after the installation and are completely invisible once the final finish is applied.

The holes are normally not more than 0.6m horizontally apart and the top row of holes in each wall is not more than 200mm from the top of the wall.

Alternatively, a series of holes are drilled approximately 0.6m apart and 200mm above the highest ceiling level.