Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair and Boiler Service whether it is Gas, Oil or Wood. We service boilers nationwide with a team of NSI and REIL certified technicians.

Look after your boiler and it’ll look after you. Try the following top tips to keep your home’s heating healthy.

  • But remember, central heating troubles can be tricky to solve, so if you ever get problems with your boiler it’s always best to call in a registered approved heating engineer to fix the problem safely.
  • And if you ever suspect a gas leak, contact the Emergency Service immediately
  • Boiler maintenance dos and don’ts
  • Run your heating regularly
  • Run your heating at least once a month, even in summer, to keep it running efficiently and clear the boiler pump of any grit that gathers when it’s not in use.
  • Service your boiler – call us
  • Do get your boiler checked once a year by a Registered engineer to ensure that it’s running smoothly and safely.
  • Fit a detector
  • Do fit a carbon monoxide detector to warn you if there’s a leak.
  • Avoid blockages
  • Don’t ever cover your gas boiler or block the air vents. Make sure the outside flues aren’t blocked.
  • Get a CP12 Certificate
  • If you’re renting your home, it’s your landlord’s responsibility to get all gas appliances, including the boiler, inspected every year. By law they must also provide you with a copy of the CP12 Gas Safety Certificate.

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