RGII is the organisation responsible for ensuring that you  receive qualified Gas installers, which we are delighted to be a member of.

R.G.I.I. is responsible for the registering of gas installers and regulating their activities with respect to safety. R.G.I.I carries out this function on behalf of the Commission for Energy Regulation as set down in the Criteria Document
It has also became a legal requirement for all RGIs to issue a Declaration of Conformance (completion cert) for all “Gas Work” carried out. Individuals who carry out “Gas Work” and who are not registered will be subject to criminal proceedings. It is the CER’s responsibility to proceed with such prosecutions where necessary under the Act.
The CER definition for the scope “Gas Work” CER/09/083 (www.cer.ie)
Summarized: For the purposes of section 9G(3) of the Electricity Regulation Act 1999, ‘works which are gas works’ means the installation, removal, repair, servicing, maintenance or replacement  (or any combination of foregoing) of a Natural Gas Fitting covered by I.S. 813:2002 which is:
(a) used or designed to be used by a Domestic Gas Customer; or
(b) which is designed to be used by a Domestic Gas Customer but whic is installed in a Commercial or an Industrial Premises;
This including all domestic appliances designed to be used by domestic customers, where they are used by both commercial and industrial customers.
The Gas Installer Register is an individual register i.e. each Installer is registered individually with their own Rxxxx ID number,  being a Sole Trader or working for a Gas Company. Gas Companies are also registered under an ID number Cxxxx.
  • What is a Registered Gas Installer (RGI)
    An RGI is an installer who has at least a GID (Gas Installer Domestic) qualification or equivalent in gas safety which makes him/her competent to carry out gas works. He/She will also have a valid insurance and will have paid the annual subscription fee which entitles him/her to be on the register of RGIs and carry an ID Card with a valid date.
    Note: Registered Gas Installers (RGI) are separate entities to RGII i.e. businesses or sole traders and RGII have no control over there methods and practices except in relation to Gas Safety. RGII would at all times recommend customers to contact a least three RGI to compare cost, quality and service issues before entering into any contract.
  • Benefits of using an RGI
    By using an RGI you have the peace of mind that you are dealing with a trained installer who has the required expertise in gas safety to ensure your gas installation is safe.
  • How do I recognize an RGI
    Each RGI carries an ID Card which is renewed annually. The ID on the card is a number from R0001 to R3000 and the photo is one of the installer. Ensure the card is in date.
    If in doubt, contact us at 01-4997998

It you want a registered Gas Installer or to Maintain a Gas Systems we are here to help.