Livingroom Stove

Our living room stove’s are supplied by Walltherm – the first natural drought, water heating woodstove with wood gasification for the livingroom bild

Do you need…
a fast heating, economical stove for your house?

Do you wish …
an ecological stove, that can heat the whole house, but does not need loads of space?

Do you expect …
being independent from constantly rising prices of raw materials?

Your solution …
… the Walltherm – first natural drought, water heating woodstove with wood gasification for the living room

The stove has a very economical and ecological way to burn the wood by using the wood gasification technique.
That means it uses less wood than most other stoves but provides even more power.By using the wood gasification, the stove reaches a thermal efficiency of 93%.The two combustion chambers make it possible to see the burning wood trough the upper window and at the same time the reversed flame through the lower window.The reversed flame is not only beautiful to see but it is also very hot (about 800°C). The whole temperature from this second flame is used to heat up the water inside the heat exchanger.The temperature of the outgoing exhaust gases on top of the stove is only about 110°C – 120°C depending on the drought, that means the temperature difference has transferred to the water.In total, the power of the stove can be used to heat a normal house of up to 120m² including the sanitary water. In certain circumstances (when it is well isolated) even a bigger house can be heated without problems.With the heat, the stove radiates, it heats up a direct environment of up to 50m². That means, it should be made sure that the room, where the stove stands, is not too small.Because of the high power output of the stove we recommend, to connect a water tank with 1000 liters or more.


Technical data:

For models Königsspitze, Arunda and Wilder Kaiser:

  • Power: 14,9 KW
  • Heat division: 70% water, 30 % irradiation
  • Efficiency: 93 %
  • Dust: 24 mg/Nm³
  • Connector for external air from the underside: ø 180 mm
  • Connector for external air from the back side: 2 x ø 100 mm
  • Working pressure: 2 bar
  • Drought (without generator) min. 12 Pa – 15 Pa* max. 20 Pa
  • Weight ca. 275 kg
  • Content of water: 16 lt
  • Size of combustion chamber: 55 lt
  • Chimney connector: ø 150 mm
  • Exhaust gas mass flow: 38,5 kg/h
  • Exhaust gas temperature ca. 110 °C
  • Exhaust gas temperature while in heating up phase: ca. 250 – 300 °C

Combustibles: naturals logs up to 35cm lenght

Warranty: 5 years on the stove body (excluding wearing parts)
2 years for fittings and electrical parts.