Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation is supplied by us

Without a doubt more heat is lost through the walls of our homes than in any other way.  A staggering thirty five percent of our domestic heat is wasted across un-insulated cavity walls which means that we are consuming energy far in excess of our needs.

New building regulations introduced by the government have called for an increase in the amount of insulation fitted in all new homes to make heating more efficient more economical to run ant to help conserve the worlds natural resources. Soon we shall all be expected to save energy by insulating our homes to a required standard. For homes already completed or under construction we install injected bead insulation. This is insulation that is blown into the wall cavity and provides excellent heat insulation for your home.

Below are examples of the two main types of bead used and should you require any further information we can meet with you to discuss the options available.

These images demonstrate the bead system in place in the cavity of the wall.


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