Gas Heating Systems

We Supply and maintain Gas Heating Systems on behalf of Riello, Bentone and Nu-Way


  • The Riello 40 GS series of one stage gas burners, is a complete range of products developed to respond to any request for home heating. The Riello 40 GS series is available in four different models, with an output ranging from 11 to 220 kW, divided in four different structures.
  • All the models use the same components designed by Riello for the Riello 40 GS series.
  • The high quality level guarantees safe working.
    In developing these burners, special attention was paid to reducing noise, to the ease of installation and adjustment, to obtaining the smallest size possible to fit into any sort of boiler available on the market.
  • All the models are approved by the EN 676 European Standard and conform to European Directives for EMC, Low Voltage, Machinery and Boiler Efficiency.
  • All the Riello 40 GS burners are tested before leaving the factory.

Bentone Gas Burners

  • Energy saving and compatible with environmental requirements.
  • Quiet in operation and designed for easy maintenance.
  • Reliable and trouble free.
  • Designed and approved in accordance with the European standard EN 676.
  • 1-stage.
  • Plug-in contact facilitates the installation.
  • Two valves, slow opening.
  • Available for natural gas, LPG, town gas, biogas. When biogas is used, Bentone shall always be contacted.


Nu-Way Gas Boiler

  • Process Gas Burner
  • Fully automatic
  • packaged assemblies
  • On/off, high/low or modulating control
  • Up to 20:1 turndown
  • Fan scroll up (standard) or down.
  • Valve train right or left (other arrangements to special order)
  • Can be wired to terminal box for use with separate controls
  • Combustion tunnel options, heat resistant metal, refractory, silicon
  • Excess air/gas ratio options
  • Low and medium velocity options
  • Continuous running fan to prevent over-heating when burner not in operation (optional)

The FMP range of packaged burner units is based on the proven range of MULTIPLEX industrial burners. The burners are of rugged construction and are suitable for a wide range of industrial process applications including
ovens, incinerators, furnaces, etc.

The FMP burners use the Multiplex gas nozzle together with an integral fan and packaged valve train. This data sheet refers to the range of eight packaged burner sizes from FMP5 to FMP150, giving a nominal output from
20 kW to 4.4 MW.

Burners can be supplied for all commercial gases, and in addition can be produced for use with other gases such as mines gas, bio gas and producer gas.

FMP burners can utilise either medium or low velocity combustion tunnels. The MP burner with a separate fan should be used for high velocity applications.
For low temperature applications up to 450°C, standard stainless steel material can be used for the combustion tunnel.
For high temperature applications up to 900°C, a high quality heat resistant stainless steel is available.

For high temperature applications up to 1300°C, ceramic fibre-lined furnaces and kilns, silicon carbide combustion tunnels are available. Medium velocity only up to FMP15 only. High and low velocity options not available.

For high temperature applications up to 1450°C, conventional refractory quarls, together with holders are available. These quarls can be cased in heat-resisting stainless steel if required.